On Perspective

Be grateful for the wisdom of "revisiting". When we go back to re-view, re-member, re-read, we see things that we missed before. It's as if the keys were always there but we couldn't make use of them because we hadn't uncovered our locks yet.


Revelation comes at the time when you need it to move you forward.

Knowing all and having all is unnecessary to take the one action you have before you.

All that “The All" does at times is give you context. Don't let the smorgasbord of options cripple you from taking a step forward or overwhelm you into passivity. This modern world we live in gives us access to so much. We can forget how to respect the cycle of time in terms of manifestation. But that is the challenge, yes? As spiritual beings? As Creators Incarnate? Having (and knowing) that all is available to you but having to stay focused on the one goal, the one direction, to influence transformational change?