On Past Lives - Polar Opposite Experiences

It is my understanding that working with our past life incarnations (I refer to these as “aspects”) comes after we’ve done a considerable amount of personal healing work, i.e. dealing with this lifetime. Once that has occurred then Spirit may begin to present to us other aspects who have similar experiences with the issues that you’ve been dealing with--and have gained mastery in. For example, if there is a recurring theme around feeling powerless that you’ve had to address in your life, then you may find that an aspect presents that had their own battle with that dynamic. What you’ve been able to heal from (or at least gain insight with) may be beneficial for your own healing journey in seeing the resonance in another part of you; but also that aspect can potentially benefit from gleaning from your wisdom and strength in order to overcome something that they’re stuck in.

It’s important to remember that each incarnation is its own expression. In other words, each aspect is a part of You (the soul) not you (the individual human). This distinction is vital to remember because sometimes we can slip into believing that we’re continuing a life that has already happened. (This gets especially messy in soulmate/twin flame dynamics where you think that just because a romantic relationship happened in another lifetime that that’s what is to happen in this life. Each lifetime is unique with new “contracts”--i.e. Potentialities-- and all can be freely entered into and exited out of at any time. But, that’s a discussion for another day.)

The ability to support the healing and liberation/ascension of one of your aspects is a deeply loving opportunity but you must discern if the one stepping forward is actually wanting to evolve or stay in their “stuff”. Sometimes folks want to heal. Sometimes they don’t. I’ll share an example of each circumstance to give you an idea of what that looked like for me in my personal journey.

Male Slave

Back in February--on Valentine’s Day no less--I had a powerful healing experience with a past life aspect that stepped forward. I was spending my time with spirit as I do daily and I wanted to dive deeper into why I was having such an enraged reaction to something minor that had happened the day before. It’s not my nature and I wanted to know where it was coming from. I was immediately shown myself as a man having an argument with a woman who was essentially telling “me” I wasn’t giving her what she needed. (That was interesting being in the man’s shoes of that argument!) As I went deeper I could tap into “my”/his feeling of being untethered, without roots, without rites of passage, without a way to defeat an oppressive system, without the rules to play the game and be successful… I stepped back and saw him as a slave, new to the New World. New enough to know what he came from but far enough that he didn’t have the necessary development of ego in his home country/system and was trying his hardest to adapt to a foreign, destructive one. He was scared, defeated, frustrated, but most of all, angry. (The last images I saw of him was an argument with an overseer--my aspect had reached his limit of fucks to give--and he was subsequently killed.) I held space for him with my spirit team and his spirit team...a safe container for him to grieve all that he was, all that he wanted to be. The words that emerged from me were, "Know that you are redeemed in your own eyes. You never fell from Grace." And with that the heaviness was lifted and he completely transformed into light then shifted back into a strong, vibrant man. I immediately felt a clearing in my heart. He was ready.


Recently, a past life aspect that I’ve encountered before showed up again as I’ve been focusing on more heart healing. She is one who was in a loveless marriage. I can’t tell if she was royalty, part of a higher social class, or in a culture that had strict rules around the duties of a woman (or all three, to be honest), but the external pressure remained the same: showing up as she “should” as a woman and as a wife, which meant bearing children in particular. She lost a child in childbirth and it caused an irreparable rift between her and her husband who was very domineering. There’s A LOT that is packed into her experiences so I wasn’t surprised when she showed up after being “dormant” for a few years. I could see where her experiences had blocked her from having any other experiences; she walled off her heart and was trapped in her trauma. And there was a lot of trauma as you could imagine. Spending time with her has been giving me a chance to consciously dissolve ideas around marriage and kids (i.e. that I don’t want either) and to shift to an orientation of simply being open. For me that is a radical shift because being unattached/untethered as been my primary orientation based on my own life experiences. Naturally, Spirit isn’t having any of that…. Unconditional love must be unconditional. And as the slate continues to be wiped clean--truly--then I have to really accept the fact that my Soul may want to shift into a different experience, and it may not. And I need to be okay with ANY possibility and be led by my Soul’s wisdom instead of having judgements/preconceived notions about what may be. I held space for her just like I did for the male slave aspect but something was different. She didn’t want to let go of the pain, the trauma. And so I had to hold a boundary. I had to let her know that I was not going to allow any of her “stuff” to bleed into my experiences in this lifetime if she wasn’t willing to shift. She doesn’t have to shift mind you, but that whole “misery loves company” thing is not how I roll. I had to be very clear about that with her. She backed off. She wasn’t ready. (Whenever she is ready I am willing to hold space.)

Two past life aspects.

Two very different situations.

Two outcomes.

One approach - seeing the shared human experience with another, loving hard and knowing that loving hard is can be either “yes” or “no” depending on the circumstance.

One healing - my heart which gets freer and freer, my peace that gets deeper and deeper, my Soul which comes more and more unified. Soul Sovereignty indeed.

Who’s showing up to you for healing?

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